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Our Black Bear hunts are conducted over bait with a very high success rates for trophy bears. Our hunting area is large, therefore baits are miles apart resulting in very light pressure on each bait location. We allow gun, bow, black powder and crossbow hunts. Each bait site with required stand is ready on arrival. Bear hunts include 5 day and 6 nights lodging with 2 home cooked meals per day and a
Northern Whitetail Deer in New Brunswick hunts are an experience that cannot be equalled anywhere else. Body size often exceeds 300lbs and trophy antlers are in a class of their own. Success rates for whitetail have been on the rise. It is estimated that the New Brunsick Whitetail population exceeds 100,000. Combo hunts are available for deer/fall bear hunting.
Canadian Moose hunting is an exhilarating experience due to their massive size, reaching upwards of 1,300lbs with racks exceeding 55 inches.  Moose hunts are conducted in meadows and swamps located only minutes from the lodge. Our New Brunswick Moose hunt is a three day season held during the peak rut. Our short hunting season results in light pressure and enables our moose to mature. Moose hunts include a 2 day scouting trip (land and/or air) OR 2 days fishing and 3 days hunting.
Trophy Bass Fishing & Salt Water Fishing too!
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Moose Hunt
Moose Hunt